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Bulk and Wholesale Rates available on request

  • Regulator Full Set (1x 1st Stage 2x 2nd Stage) $145

  • Regulator Single Stage $50

  • Regulator Full Set Oxygen Clean $220

  • Regulator Single Stage Oxygen Clean $80

  • Bouyancy Compensator $40

  • Hydro (inc Valve Clean and fill) From $65

  • Valve Clean $30

  • Cylinder & Valve Oxygen Clean $40

  • Computer Battery Change From $40

  • Air Fills from $10

  • Nitrox fills COMING SOON.

Please note the above prices are labour and consumables (lubrication, cleaning fluid etc), service kits are additional cost which will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Spg and Inflator hose O-Rings are included in the price when servicing a full set of regulators.

For prices on anything not listed please dont hesitate to get in contact with us.